We work in Partnership

We work as a partner rather than a supplier. We take great care to understand as much as we can about your organisation and your reasons for putting on an event. We will ensure that the event we put forward to you has the maximum chance of success even if this means challenging your initial ideas.  


We have an Open Book Policy. This means that we share a complete cost breakdown of your event with you so you can see where your money is being spent. At the end of your event, any additional savings we have been able to make are returned to you.  


We are proud to have created obstacles that have never been seen before on our races. We have successfully created the World’s first human and dog obstacle course, and the World’s first interactive obstacle race.  

All of our events are unique. Before agreeing to deliver an event, we make sure we are confident it stands out and that it is not competing with anything in a similar location.  

We are always developing our recurring events so that they provide a new experience to people every year, encouraging repeat participation.  


The theme across all our events is ‘Play’. We want our events to be fun and to bring out the inner child in you! Although only some of our events are open to children, many of our participants get a feeling of being a child again by taking part!  

Muddy Dog obstacle course


Our events are managed by our passionate team of outdoor enthusiasts. Our team have built up a vast bank of shared knowledge and experience of the details and safety issues of delivering our wide variety of events.  

This passion comes across to our clients, and even more importantly, to their volunteers and participants. We get consist feedback on how energetic and positive the team is, and how well they look after their volunteers.   


Safety is of utmost importance to us.  

Every event is subject to a rigorous Health & Safety Planning process. This is reviewed after each event and processes are immediately updated for future events.   

The Gladiator Events team provide excellent support throughout the whole event process. They are careful to maximise opportunities and value for money at every point, so the end result is always brilliant! It’s always a pleasure to work with Gladiator Events and I thoroughly recommend them
— Anna Scalera, Head of Events and Community Fundraising, British Lung Foundation

Thinking about launching a new event? Get in touch, we’d love to speak to you.