The Brief: A Challenging Event for Supporters 

St. Gemma’s Hospice were looking for a new event to appreal to their adult supporters, that would be a challenge, but also fun to take part in with friends. They were keen to host the event in a high profile location that would give them good visibility in the local area.  

ST Gemma´s Obsatcle Run, 5km.jpg

The Event: A 5km and 10km Run in an Iconic Park 

After searching a large number of venues in the Leeds area, we settled on Roundhay Park – Leeds’ most popular park, for a 5km and 10km run filled with 15 tough obstacles! We will be making the most of the natural features within the park as well as using the obstacles, to make an extra challenging experience!  

This is an event we hope to host year after year so we are excited to see the results from 2019’s inaugural event. Watch this space! The event will be launching in the next few weeks so keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates!